My job is to make walking and working as pleasant an experience as possible for every horse.

The most natural way would, of course, be to allow the horse to go "barefoot". However, when the best trimming techniques are just not sufficient, whether because the hoof is so worn from insufficient hoof growth or as a result of orthopedic anomalies, an ideal alternative has to be found.

There are a number of different hoof protection options:

  • Normal iron
  • Aluminum shoes
  • Various synthetic shoes
  • Adhesive hoof protection
  • Tie-on shoes
  • Combination shoes


I love my job and spend a great deal of time in continuing education, learning both traditional methods and innovations in the area of hoof protection. Each horse presents a new challenge. You never finish learning.

I have passion and in-depth knowledge to offer. I also have time for you and your horse. I provide expert, detailed and thorough consultation to ensure your horse always receives the proper shoe.

Our goal is prevention. Whether a pony for leisure riding or a horse competing at top international sporting events, your horse can stay healthy.

Every horse has the right to receive the best treatment, and that includes seeing an expert farrier.